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Techblogchain (techblogchain.com) is a website founded in August 1st, 2017, providing valuable information on web development, software, programming, animations, technology tricks, new inventions, and reviews. From early 2019, the website expanded its content to cover immigration policies of countries such as Australia, Europe, and the USA. Topics include Study Visas, Working Visas, Permanent Residency, Green Cards, and Citizenship.

Er. Gopal Bogati, the founder and author of Techblogchain, is a computer engineer with a passion for problem-solving and blogging. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Cosmos College of Management and Technology, Pokhara University, Nepal, and a Master's degree in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia. Gopal has over 2 years of experience in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and backend technologies like PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Java, Python, SQL, Android, Asp.net, and API development. He has a proven track record of providing quality support to companies in developing and deploying web-based event and registration software tools.

Gopal has rich work experience, having worked as a software engineer at Unifun in Nepal from June 2017 to December 2018. He has also worked at Bidhee Pvt Ltd as a PHP developer and at Web Experts Nepal as a WordPress developer. During his tenure at Bidhee, he updated his knowledge about versioning systems like Git and Bitbucket, helping him grow as a web developer.

Currently, Gopal works as a developer programmer at Active Mortgage & Finance Pvt Ltd in Ashfield, Sydney and is actively involved in university leadership programs such as the President of the Students Representative Council CSU Sydney, Student Ambassador of Charles Sturt University, and organizer committee of the IEEE CITISIA STUDENTS BRANCH 2020 Research Conference to be held on November 20-30, hosted by Charles Sturt University.

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