Procedure to apply for Job in Australia:

Getting a job in Australia, the world’s economic market is a real boost to your finance. Working abroad is already a fantastic way to develop new skills, meet new people and most importantly is getting paid higher. For the students, finding a job is vital to support their expenses. 

Sadly, apply for job in Australia can be fierce competition. Often, there are many stages and hurdles to face before you find that one perfect job. These suggestions here will definitely help you with the job in Australia. Here the Procedure to apply for Job in Australia

STEP 1: 

Do you have work rights?

As international student migrants in Australia, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during your class session. And if your class session is over, you can work for unlimited hours. Your studies hours, volunteering and unpaid work are not counted towards your’40 hours’. 

If you did otherwise, your visa can get canceled.

Step 2:

Be yourself and do the research

 Only apply for the job you are passionate about. You might not always find your dream job, but don’t settle with something that you don’t enjoy doing.

And, before you apply, do your research to know what role you are about to apply and what that company does. Do not apply to the company involved in too many controversies. 

Step 3:

Make resume and cover letter:

Keep it specific to a particular job. Employers like to hire the ones who actually wish to work for them. 

TIP- submit these documents as PDFs 

  • Resume:  Keep the descriptions short but effective. Format the CV on your own unique and professional style
  • Cover Letter: It should be clear, concise and easy to read

Step 4

Follow it up

Don’t forget to put yourself in their shoes. If you haven’t heard in a week or two, don’t hesitate to make a polite inquiry. It reflects that you are eager for the job and have initiative. 

Step 5:

Prepare for the interview

So, finally, you have got the interview? Impressive!

Interviews nowadays can be office talk, casual lunches or phone interviews. Whatever it is, you should be prepared, positive and be yourself.

Here’s is what one might face during the interview:

S for Situation: When and where you had the relevant experience.

 T for Task: What you needed for this experience.

 A for Action: What you did for this instance.

 R for Result: How the situation went and the benefits you got from it. 

So, its STAR rules for the interview.

Step 6

Still, do the research behind the scenes

Find when they are planning to get the people hired. Then, you can follow up even when you haven’t heard anything about the meeting.

If the employer wants to validate your credentials; it indicates that they are interested to hire you. 

Final Say, 

Getting a job is tough. It’s in-fact a hectic procedure. But once you get hired, then effort feels worth the pain. 

If you have any enquires, let us know in the comment section below.

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