Australia student visa process step by step from Nepal 2019

Steps for Australia study visa in summary

Step 1: Attend a counseling session and choose good consultancy

Step 2: Apply for admission.

Step 3: Pay tuition fees.

Step 4: Undertake Medicals and Biometric

Step 5: Visa lodgment

Step 6: Visa outcome

Step 7: Travel services

All steps required to get Australia study visa for Nepalese students is explained below:

Documents required for Offer Letter(Step-1)

  1. Passport
  2. Academic documents(SLC/+2/Bachelors/Masters)
  3. SOP – Statement of Purpose
  4. IELTS or PTE or Toefl Certificate
  5. Marriage Certificate – If married
  6. Work Experience Letter – Salary Sheet, Appointment Letter etc
    (If Gap, justify it with work, experience)

College / University offers your Offer Letter – Issue based on these documents.

After getting offer letter from university/college for your further degree, you must prepare documents for GTE (Genuine temporary entrant).

What is GTE?

When applying for a student visa, your intention needs to be to complete a course of study then return to use the skills you’ve learned in your home country.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement for Australian Student Visas

The Minister for Immigration has laid out the factors that Department of Immigration case officers should consider are in a Ministerial Direction under Section 499 of the Migration Act. These are as follows:

  1. Circumstances in Your Home Country
  2. Your Potential Circumstances in Australia
  3. Value of the Course to Your Future
  4. Your Immigration History
  5. Intentions of the Parent, Legal Guardian or Spouse – where the Applicant is under 18
  6. Other Relevant Matters
  7. When lodging a student visa, it is very important to provide a motivation statement. This should go through your background and explain why you wish to study in Australia.

For Genuine temporary entrant-GTE (step 2)

Documents needed for GTE application

  • Signed Offer Letter by the student
  • Sponsor’s Nagarikta in English
  • Birth Certificate
  • Applicant’s passport – All pages(Colored photocopy)
  • Property Valuation(Valuation of 80 lakhs to 1 crore for university but college may be less)-This is done by nagarpalika/gaupalika ward
  • Lalpurja of Properties
  • Funding – Bank Loan
    or Saving (acceptance only from A class bank institutions)
  • Income Source – Income from Salary of sponsors,Rental Income, Lease Agreement (At least 18 lakhs profit is good to show)
  • Business Income – In case of business – PAN Certificate / Business Registration, Balance Sheet, Audit Report
  • Tax Clarence
  • Pension – Pension Certificate

Note: All documents for GTE must be notarized from the authorized lawyer.
After the approval of GTE from university or college Apply for COE.

COE (confirmation for enrollment) – Step 3

Document required for COE

  1. NOC(No objection Letter)

    You can make NOC Letter with in a day (Go to kesher mahal with your offer letter and latest academic documents with rs 2000 in your hand)
    If application with added english course take extra 2000 nepali rupee.

Give NOC letter and offer letter to bank ,then bank will send money for tuition fee and OSHC( Overseas Student Health Cover ) to university/college bank account looking from offer letter.

Apply for COE with the bank documents .Meanwhile,you can take medical date and after few days COE letter will be issued from University.

Visa Lodge (Step 4)
After medical and receiving COE letter from college/university .Write visa SOP and apply for visa (It cost around 785 Aud for visa application).Then , do Biometric (Cost around 3500 nepali rupee)

Finally wait for your visa decision

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