Auto Visa Australia Stopped For Nepali Students Applying In VET Courses From 2019

Representative of the Australian High Commission, met with the representatives of various educational consultancies in Nepal on Wednesday. Australia has seen the highest number of Nepali students Visa Granted for 5 years, Every year 10 to 15 thousand Nepalese students are getting visa from Australian high commission. This year also the same pace is expected.

Looking at this, the number of students who want to go to Australia is growing rapidly. The Australian High Commission was constantly looking to find out the reason.

Since last few years, various consultancy are marketing about the auto generated visa given with in 1 hours to 3 days of Bio-metric which is automatic generated by the system and many student with IELTS score less than (4.5) are also getting the visa with this system especially VET course student . From today,the auto visa for VET course is closed according to the information provided by High Commission,However,for bachelors and masters it is remain as it is.

Types Of VET And TAFE Courses

Courses and qualifications
The VET sector includes the following types of qualifications:

Certificate I to IV: These courses provide introductory skills and training. They teach industry-specific knowledge and skills in communication, literacy and numeracy, and teamwork. They vary in length from six months to two years.

Diploma: Diplomas prepare students for industry, enterprise and paraprofessional careers. Diplomas typically require one to two years of full-time study.

Advanced diploma: An advanced diploma provides a high level of practical skills for advanced skilled or paraprofessional work in areas such as accounting, building design and engineering. Students can complete some advanced diploma courses at university level. Advanced diplomas vary in length from 1.5 to two years of full-time study.

Vocational graduate certificate/diploma: The vocational graduate certificate and diploma are the equivalent of the higher education graduate certificate and diploma. They provide high-level employment-related skills and knowledge. The graduate certificate usually requires six months to a year of full-time study, and the graduate diploma usually requires one to two years of full-time study.

37 thoughts on “Auto Visa Australia Stopped For Nepali Students Applying In VET Courses From 2019

        1. I am applying for VET course with IELTS 6.5 each band 6 wwith 3.08 in +2 with major in Computer Science what is my chance of getting visa ? Can u say it wisely?

        2. Applicants who are applying for Bachelor program on Student visa , does auto visa still valid for them?

      1. My score is 5.5/5 in one band . My percentage is 60 . Will there be any prblm in vet course. AHC dont give visa for the vet course is it true

    1. That doesn’t mean VET COURSES will not get visa however from onwards they will screen your whole documents wisely before giving Visa .If you have good academic and IELTS score there should not be any problem for Visa .No worries for Genuine Candidate.They only stopped the Autovisa which is generated with in 1 hour to 3 days of Biometric .Chill, It will not effect the visa rate of Strong candidates.

      1. So, i have applied for diploma of nursing and score is 7 and academic is alos 3.29 out of 4 than it will not effect i guess so. And does this means it will take more time to get visa.

          1. I got to know that student applying for diploma in Sydney are not getting visas. Is it true that visas for sydeny has been stopped

          2. No,this information is completely wrong but for VET courses student processing time is increased than earlier and also AHC is getting little bit strict for visa approval 😀

  1. source please from officials? I am about to apply for 1 year graduate certificate to fulfill my 4 years credit in bachelor so that I can enroll in master degree.

    1. There nothing to worry about the visa.They say Only the auto-generated visa is stopped for temporary period and it doesn’t mean that there is risk in VET courses visa. Don’t worry 🙂

  2. however ,many consultancies agents are saying that diploma courses will not get visa from onwards is it true ???or only hoax ?

  3. My score is 6/5.5 in 2 band . My percentage is 57 and I’ve completed +2 in 2017 it will also shows my gap which i can justify . Will there be any problem in vet course???

  4. i have scored overall of 6 and got 5 in one band … will it be eligible for bachelor of accounting??

  5. Bro… I hav got overall 5.5 band in ielts but not less then 5 in each band .. and 2.9 gpa from science faculty… will i get visa??…

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