Bad News For Nepalese Students – Nepal Dropped To Assessment Level 3

Nepal dropped to assessment level 3 which means compulsory financial and English competence evidence is required if you are applying to level 2 or 3 providers regardless of the course (VET or Higher Education). If you are a VET student, you are already supposed to provide English and Financial evidence.

What this means to YOU?

Regardless the course you are applying ( VET or Higher Education);

✅Nepalese Applicant to AL1 Institute:No need to show the financial capacity & English evidence at the time of application. However , Case Officer may ask.

✅Nepalese Applicant to AL2 & AL3 Institute: Need to submit the financial capacity & english competence evidence at the time of application , if not , case officer simply can refuse the case without even asking for it.

Financial Capacity: Bank Loan, bank deposit etc. You need to have a genuine access to access to the fund.

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