Different visa to get permanent residence in Australia:

Firstly, after a few years of residence, Immigrants to Australia often plan to apply for permanent residence. Equally important , Australia has different provisions for migrants to allow permanent residence. Here is how you can get permanent residence in Australia

Three common ways of getting a permanent resident in Australia is by getting:

  • a work-stream permanent visa
  • a family-stream permanent visa
  • investor-stream or business permanent visa

You need to confirm that you meet their criteria before applying. If your recent visa has the condition of “no further stay” attached, then you cannot apply to stay in beyond the specified period. 

So, now let’s disuses about applying for one of these 3 visa kinds.  

Family-stream residence visas

  • Partners, parents, children, or dependent relatives of a permanent resident of Australia, Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Likewise, carers who have to stay in Australia to provide long-term company for an approved relative
  • Also, adopted children or ones in the process of being adopted

Work-stream permanent residence visas

Further, these visas are for the workers having skills that Australia values or sponsored by an Australian employer to work in Australia.

Investor-stream or business permanent visa: 

Lastly, based on the amount of investment or type of business you want to start in Australia, you can apply for a permanent visa. 

Other options

Former Resident visa

Likewise, a former Resident visa is for certain permanent former residents. Moreover, the permanent stay visa costs AUD 3,955. The Processing times are unknown due to a very low volume of applications

Retirement visa pathway

Moreover, the Australian Government has now created a path for eligible retirees to apply for permanent residency. This pathway allows long-term residents of people who have earlier contributed to the community. Further, you can apply here if you have a retirement visa or Investment retirement visa. You must also be in Australia while you apply for the visa and not held any substantive visa apart from retirement visa or Investment retirement visa

Humanitarian and Refugee visas:

Anyone who left their home country due to persecution can apply for permanent residency in Australia. 

Distinguished Talent visas

Furthermore, anyone with exceptional and outstanding achievements with an internationally-recognized record can apply for permanent residence in Australia. 

Benefits to get a permanent visa in Australia:

Right to live independently in Australia 

  • Freedom to work in Australia
  • Freedom to pursue any higher education in Australia
  • Eligibility to submit a form Australian citizenship form
  • Freedom to travel in Australia
  • Australian-born children
  • Healthcare entitlement benefits
  • social welfare benefits
  • Privilege to sponsor 

Final say,

Therefore, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia through any of these visas. Further, even before you submit the application, make sure you fulfill all the required criteria and be well-informed about your privileges as a permanent citizen. 

If you have any quires, you can ask us in the comment section below. 

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