Document Checklist For Australian Student Visa:

Moving out of a house can be hectic. But moving to a different country is a whole new thing. Trust me, it’s a different story.

You cannot fly all the way back to collect whatever you have left. And nobody wants to be deported back for missing a paper. Do they?

It’s not just the Passport and flight tickets. You will need to pack many other papers. Some are to be shown at the airport and some in University. Here is the Document Checklist For Australian Student Visa

1. Passport:

Your passport must be updated and valid. Never get inside the Aiport without one. 

2. Airline tickets:

Make sure you book your flight ticket in advance. You can choose a direct flight to flights via another country. You might need multiple tickets as well. Make sure you have all of them.

3. Travel insurance certificate:

Travel insurance is a must before you get a flight to Australia. Your Travel insurance should cover all the risk you might have in your flight or during your stay in Australia. If your previous Travel insurance is to expire anytime soon, renew it before you leave and then pack a travel insurance certificate in your bag. 

4. A bank statement showing proof of funds

I don’t need to write how important this is, do it? You need a bank statement that shows the proof of your funds (Personal or scholarship) before you apply for the Visa. You will also need to show them in the immigration office once you land. 

5. Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution:

You must have received the Letter of Acceptance from your educational institution before you applied for the Visa. If the letter is in electronic form, convert it into a hard copy and keep it in your document bag. 

6. Prescriptions of medication you are carrying:

If you are carrying any medicine, I repeat, ANY, carry its prescription. Even if it’s a painkiller tablet, get a valid precaution. Otherwise, you may get into trouble.

7. Medical and immunization records

Further, you will need to show all your medical history for the Visa procedure. And even after you got the Visa approved, get the papers with you. Just in case you have a serious disease, carry the records of medical issues while you were in your country.

8. Academic history and university transcripts:

As you leave for Australia, carry every academic document you have collected till the date. You might need them for various procedures at your University or when you apply for other courses and internships. Moreover, carry the Original certificate and not just the Photocopy. 

Final Say:

Lastly, make sure all of those documents have your information correct and updated. Even before you begin your packing for Australia, get a waterproof bag only for your document. Then keep all of them together inside the document bag and then keep it safely in your suitcase. You can’t afford to forget or lose one of them. 

If you are still confused about the checklist before you get to Australia, ask us in the comment section below. 

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