Find My Mobile location – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

How to track lost phone

Mobile phones are the smart devices that helps us to communicate  and connect with each other and are the most essential part of human Life.More than two third of any country population uses smart mobile phones for communication.Mobile phone storage is the home for the private data and information of the mobile users.Nowadays,more than this ,people also keep their bank credentials,ATM passwords and many other private informations  like photos,contacts,messages that can harm them if this information goes in the hands of  wrong doers.

In the past ,Unfortunately,I lost my mobile phone and at that time ,I feel really bad because along with my phone i  had lost all my critical documents.However,By following the steps that i am going to explain in this article ,I finally became successful to recover all those immense documents by finding my mobile phone location with in an hour

Here are the list of steps that helped me to find my mobile location that you can follow.Along finding the lost smart phone ,It also helps you to secure your data from wrong users.

Do follow this steps:

Requirements and prerequisites:

-Your lost device must be connected to your Google account.

-Your device has access to the internet.

-Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) to locate your device (turned on by default). This can change in the Google Settings app.

-Allowed ADM to lock your device and erase its data (turned off by default).

Step - 1:

Go to google search and type "where is my phone".

Then search results will show, further, sign in your same Gmail account that you got on your lost phone else it will show the below screenshot pic.

where is my phone

Step - 2:

Click on allow

It will show the current location and active time period of the phone where gmail logged in.

find my phone location

Step - 3:

Finally, you can control your lost phone with your laptop just by clicking on play sound which will ring the phone. If you click on lock it will lock the phone permanently until your Gmail is logged in there.

The most important third step is that you can control the misuse of your data by deleting it permanently by clicking on erase option.

For safety, I recommend you all to note down your phone IMEI number while buying smartphones.

Type *#o6# for knowing IMEI numbers of any mobile phones.

Note: This tutorial is applicable to any country where google  provide their services.


Er Gopal Bogati

Er Gopal Bogati

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