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Imagine driving past the countryside road or Australian Great Ocean Road- incredible scenery, the smell of the ocean breeze, and the wind blowing your hair. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Getting Driver License In Australia dream coming true. Here’s is the step by step process to get Australia driver’s license for international students. 

Already have a license?

If you have your home country’s International Driver’s License, you can drive in Australia. Or, you can also drive with your home country’s current valid driver’s license (together with a certified translation of it). This license should be in their physical carded form. An electronic copy will not be validated. 

Apply for new license:

And, if you don’t already have those documents, you can apply for a new driver’s license in Australia. Remember that each state has its own set of rules and a series of tests. 

There are typically 3 distinct stages for new drivers to pass. If you are planning your first drive, you shall begin with a learner’s permit. Then, you will progress to a restricted, probationary or provisional or license. At last, you will get the full driver’s license. Drivers with new licenses need to display P-plates for some time. 

Gain Learner License (Getting Driver License In Australia)

You will need to fulfil the following requirement to gain the learner’s license:

1. 16 years of old;

2. Passing computer-based Driver Knowledge Test,

3. Pass an eyesight test

4. Provide identification,

Learner’s license holders are subject to the following restrictions:

1. a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h;

2. cannot tow a trailer

3. blood alcohol content of zero;

4. use black-on-yellow “L-plates” 

Provisional P1 Licence

To obtain the provisional P1 license (called Ps and Reds) you can get:

1. a minimum 12 months driving with learner license;

2. 120 hours of on-road driving experience;

3. Pass a computerized hazard perception test

4. Pass a driving test.

Limitation for Provisional P1 Licence:

1. A maximum speed of 90 km/h, 

2. Towing trailers of 250 kg 

3. Zero alcohol content in the blood

4. Use of Red-on-white “P-plates” 

5. Total of 4 demerit points 

Provisional P2 Licence

You can apply for a provisional P2 license (called as Ps and Greens) after a year of P1 license.


  1. a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h;
  2. the blood alcohol content of zero;
  3. green-on-white “P-plate” 
  4.  no use of mobile phone while riding or driving 

Full License

After two full years of driving and successful computerized test completion, you can apply for a full license. Unrestricted driver licenses have gold colours. 

Final Say, 

So, after a total of 2 years of experience, you are finally able to apply for a full license. All we can do for you is to wish “Best of Luck”.

If you have any enquires about getting a driving license in Australia, you can tell us in the comment section below.

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