How to copy html and css of a website using snappysnippet 2018?


How to copy html and css of a website using snappysnippet 2018 -

To copy HTML and CSS of a website seems to be a headache if we don't know the simple idea to accomplish it.

By spending few hours on research, I found out the easiest way to copy HTML and CSS of any live website and use it for yourself.

For the accomplishment of this task, you just need to install the plugin named snappysnappet which you can get from chrome store.

Let's try to find the steps to use this extension for copying HTML and CSS of the live website..

step 1>Select the extension submenu of more tools from the chrome customize and control tab menu bar.

Step 2> After that search for snappysnippet extension  and click on add to chrome

Step 3>After installation of extension, restart the google chrome then select inspect element on website and you can find the snappysnippet icon on right side ..

Step 4>Click on create a snippet icon as shown in fig above and you will see this screen where HTML and CSS files were attached.

Step 5>Then, you can find the option send to codepen, on one link. I am going to click on code pen and copy the HTML and CSS in the corresponding section of codepen and you can get the corresponding duplicate design below the HTML, CSS and JS section given in picture below.

For more details on it. Check out the video and comments below if you have any related question

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