How To Edit a Website From Google Web Store App Snappysnippet?

Remove term: copy html and css of a website

Super easy way to edit a website using google web store app [Snappysnippet]


The front-end is everything required with what the client sees, including an outline and a few dialects like HTML and CSS. The majority of the web courses made at Digital-Tutors will be for the front-end and concentrated on the plan, yet there are now a group of front-end particular courses accessible at Plural-sight too. There are a variety of occupations related to the front-end. Remember that a considerable measure of these titles is subjective, and keeping in mind that front-end designer may mean something at one organization, it can mean something totally unique at another organization. A typical front-end work title is "website specialist."


The back-end, or the "server-side", is fundamentally how the site works, updates and changes. This alludes to everything the client can't find in the program, similar to databases and servers. Generally, individuals who take a shot at the back-end are called software engineers or designers. Back-end designers are generally stressed over things like security, structure and substance administration. They generally know and can utilize dialects like HTML and CSS, however that is certainly not their core interest. Back-end engineers, or if nothing else back-end advancement, is required to make a dynamic site. A dynamic site is a site that is always showing signs of change and refreshed continuously.

Spending a few hours on research, I find that the easiest way to copy HTML and CSS of any live website is to use an extension tool called snappy snippets.

For the accomplishment of this task, you just need to install the plugin named snappysnappet which you can get from chrome store.

Let's try to find the steps to use this extension for copying HTML and CSS of the live website.

step 1>

Select the extension submenu of more tools from the chrome to customize and control tab menu bar.

Step 2>

After that search for snappy snippets extension  and click on add to chrome

Step 3>

After installation of the extension, restart the google chrome then select inspect element on the website and you can find the snappy snippets icon on the right side.

Step 4>

Click on create a snippet icon as shown in fig above and you will see this screen where HTML and CSS files were attached.

Step 5>

Then, you can find the option send to codepen, on one link. I am going to click on code pen and copy the HTML and CSS in the corresponding section of codepen and you can get the corresponding duplicate design below the HTML, CSS and JS section given in picture below.


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