How to survive your first year in Australia?

How to survive in Australis?

Settling in a new country can be challenging in the first few years. First-year, indeed being the toughest one to survive in Australia. However, settling in Australia is easier due to its proactive integration of diverse cultures from all around the world. To get settled down, adapting to a very new life is the key. Knowing about the culture and lifestyle of Australia is a good way to survive the first year. Here’s how you can survive your first year in Australia. 

Reach out, meet new people, make friends

It’s not always easy to make friends, regardless of where you live. But having a fun social life and people you can reach on in a time of need is vital for that “home feeling” in a new country.

 Joining clubs around, volunteering your time, visiting public places like a church while you appeal your interests can help you develop a good network of friends. Volunteering is always a great way to know new people and develop a strong connection. Volunteer positions can be applied online, through local ads, or just by asking. 

Learn the Aussie English

Australia has a very diverse culture and so is their language. Still, Australians have maintained their own accents and slang. Learning a few Australian slang words shall help you get well through the day to day life. Aussies kind of shorten most words in English vocabulary which makes them sound different. 

Expect the unexpected

In the first year, you may experience some emotional extremes. You might either enjoy some new environment or have frustration or homesickness. Among the most, the initial phases can be the hardest. You’re going to experience mixed feelings over the years as you face different challenges. During this transitional phase, you will discover how to adapt and thrive.

Get to know your neighbours:

Though you might have a different social life in college or the workplace, it’s still best to get out and meet your neighbours. Living on the same street with your neighbours means that you are going to face them eventually. But making introductions early may get you a few helping hands while you’re trying best to get settled. They might help you with directions, or you might want to give a house warming party or just need recommendations for places to eat. Befriending neighbours is a great way to develop a social circle. 

Have some fun as well:

Well, in the first year, you might have a hard time finding a job, apartment, and friends during the first year. But, don’t forget to live your life as you handle your responsibilities. Live the nightlife of Australia, try unique cuisine, visit a famous destination. Australia is a great place to have some fun. Don’t miss the chance.

Final Say,

First-year in Australia might be though. All you have to do it stay clam and peaceful while trying to manage things one by one.

If you have any queries about Australia, ask us in the comment section below.

Have a safe and nice stay Down Under!

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