Latest News Updates On Australian Immigration Act 2019

Were you prepared for the updates Australian Immigration act on November 2019? Recently, innumerable changes were made on Employer-Sponsored visas (ENS), Family Visa Program and Skilled Regional Visas. 

The Immigration Department has disclosed further details on the execution dates for 494 and 481 visas and the transitional arrangements for RSMS 187 visas and subclass 489. 


What are the major updates on the Immigration act Australia 2019?

The Australian government has released 2 new regional visas regulation which will be implemented from November 2019. The 489 subclass visa will be closed. The Department of Home Affairs has declared that the last day for states to issue invitations for the 489 subclasses will be on 10 September 2019. 

  • To meet the requirements of the PR, applicants should now hold a subclass 494 and 491 for at least 3 years. They should also have minimum taxable income requirements.
  • Substituting the existing 489 visas, 14,000 places are allocated per year. This is a skilled migration visa that requires sponsorship by any eligible family member settled in a designated regional area. Or state government nomination. To apply, you should have a positive skills assessment and the age limit is 45. 
  • Substituting the existing 187; 9,000 places are allocated per year. It demands employer sponsorship with a position to exist for 5 years. This visa also has a 45 year age limit, RCB advice competent English, and must meet the AMSR. Applicants should have a skills assessment and 3 years’ skilled employment.

What’s more?

1. As per the new changes in Sponsored family visas (includes partner visas), Sponsorships are to lodge first and get approved before partner visas can be lodged. This change will significantly affect whether a Partner visa appeal can be lodged whilst the applicant is in Australia.

2.   Commencement in Subclass 870 visa introduces a new temporary parent visa for the parents of Australian citizens. 15,000 visas will be issued annually that will be valid for 3 years or 5 years at $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. The parent visa can be renewable for a maximum of 10 years.

One can only sponsor two of their parents if they have a minimum taxable income of $83,454.80 with zero public health debts or zero debts on the commonwealth.

3. Changes in Financial Requirements:

The evidence of funds needs to exhibit living cost in 2019, is the following:

  • Guardian or Main Student : $21,041 (up from $20,290)
  • Partner/ Spouse: $7,362 (up from $7,100)
  • Per Child: $3,152 (up from $3,040)

In the first place, the Department of Home Affairs has declared an extension in visa Application Charges that will be in the application after 1st July 2019.

Visa Type Current Fee Fee from 1st July 2019
Student $575 $620
Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 $1,535 $1,650
General Skilled Migration $3,755 $4,045
Partner $7,160 $7,715
Business migration $7,160 $7,715
Parent first installment $340 to $3,855 $365 to $4,155
Significant Investor Visa (SIV) $7,310 $7,880


The Second Visa Application fee for the Contributory Parent visa will remain the same. The fee for Visitor visa will hike to $355 for onshore applications and $145 for offshore applications.

The Most important change is Gold Coast and Perth are classified as regional areas.


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