New policy to settle migrants in regional areas 2019

The Federal Government revealed plan that will settle new migrants in regional areas for up to five years after their arrival in Australia.

The recent figures of the Department of Home Affairs reveal that a vast majority of newly arrived migrants- 87% are currently settling in Sydney and Melbourne.

Under the proposal, new migrants will be asked to settle in regional areas struggling with low population and other capital cities outside the Victorian and NSW capitals.

Australia has a number of visas, including 489 Skilled (Provisional), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187) and Skilled Regional (Permanent) 887 – that are designed to encourage settle migrants in regional areas 2019

Currently, most states running their own migration programs support settle migrants in regional areas with the condition that they live and work for two years in those states, for some visas- in designated area

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    1. Visa depend on your academic and IELTS profile not the location but nowadays the rejection of sydney ,melbourne and brisbane rate is higher .If you are ok then better go to regional areas like adelaide,perth etc

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