New regional visa program of Australia 2019:

After having the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane overcrowded, Australia now plans to distribute the migrants over the country. As per the new New regional visa program , skilled migrants should live and work regionally for at-least two years before they can gain access to permanent residency. Government plans to encourage the migrants to settle in the areas under a Federal government push.

 As per David Coleman, Immigration Minister, “the new visas are expected to ease the population of Sydney, Brisbane, and, Melbourne. 

Goat farmers, archaeologists, homeopaths, actors, pilots, carpenters, and nurses are the workers eligible to get the visa to Australia through these regional visa pathways. 

“Our plan is to promote the growth of those areas that need more people,” Minister said.

So, which areas of the country are regional?

Definition of regional states:

All of Australia except for Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane is regional for regional migration visas. Recently, Perth and Gold Coast were also added as the regional section. 

Regional areas include: Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Illawarra, Wollongong, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, and Gold Coast

Government plans to give priority for the processing of such a visa. Also, it shall provide access to a wider range of jobs in the regional visa program australia. Check Job application procedure.

Meanwhile, all of the Federal government has deployed Regional Outreach Officers in order to support the regional employers. 

Who gets the visa?

Moreover, a skilled work regional visa program Australia is provided to one nominated by the state or territory government or anyone sponsored by an eligible family member in regional Australia. The Federal government has plans to allocate 25,000 places.

Further, Some migration analysts have raised concerns that the provisional nature of the new regional visas will make them less attractive to prospective applicants.

You must fulfill these criteria to apply for the Visa:

To apply for this visa you must:

Check article on work student visa restriction.

  • be Invited to apply;
  • your age be below 45 years when you get invited to apply;
  • nominate an occupation as per your skills and qualifications. The skills should be included on and are on the relevant Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List OR the Short-term Skilled Occupation List 
  • have at least competent English;
  • get your skills suitable for your nominated occupation assessed by the assessing authority;
  • Meet the health and character need
  • score at-least 65 Test Points and

Anyone able to receive the visa under this category should have to undertake the following obligations:

  • Live in the nominating state for at least 2 years;
  • Inform immigration authorities of the changes in your address; and
  • Be the part of surveys as required 

After that?

Such applicants can only get the permanent residence once they fulfill the given criteria:

  • Get employed (also includes self-employed) for at least 12 months in regional Australia;
  • lived in any regional Australia areas for at least two years;

One may apply for the Skilled- Regional (Subclass 887) permanent residence visas:

The changes will be implemented from 16th November 2019.

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