Partner Visa Australia Checklist 2019|Things to Know

A partner visa is expensive.

Partner and Prospective Marriage visas in Australia are some of the maximum pricey inside the international.In 2018, each visas sit down at a base rate of $7160 every. Another $3585 is charged for each extra applicant over 18 years of age, and $1,795 for every applicant underneath 18.Aside from the utility price, an applicant ought to additionally pay for a police check (which could value as a great deal as $50), and a medical examination (which prices anywhere from $220 to $280, depending on where you stay and what assessments you can want to take).Additional prices will also be incurred by means of candidates who may seek the help of migration legal professionals or dealers.

It takes time

The department is said to be making attempts to fast-track partner visa applications; however, as it stands today, here are the processing times for the following partner visas:

For offshore applicants:

     i. Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) 

         75% of applications get processed in 13 months

         90% of applications get processed in 17 months

     ii. Partner (Permanent) visa (subclass 100)

         75% of applications get processed in 17 months

         90% of applications get processed in 25 months

For onshore applicants:

     i. Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 820) 

         75% of applications get processed in 21 months

         90% of applications get processed in 26 months

     ii. Partner (Permanent) visa (subclass 801)

         75% of applications get processed in 18 months

         90% of applications get processed in 24 months

If you applied online, make sure to update the department regarding significant life changes (such as pregnancy or buying a home) to further prove that your relationship is genuine and ongoing.

The length of your relationship matters

Being in a genuine and ongoing long-term relationship and having children will speed up visa processing times.Should a couple be in a long-term relationship when a permanent partner visa is lodged, the application could potentially be approved before the two-year allotted period. A long-term relationship is defined as existing for at least three years, or two years if the two have a child together.

De facto relationships have to be genuine and ongoing for at least a year

If you are not married but you live together as a couple. you have to be able to provide evidence that your relationship is genuine and has been ongoing for at least a year.Evidence for this kind of relationship includes joint finances, a written history or timeline of your relationship, correspondences, acceptance and recognition by others of the relationship, etc.

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4 years ago

Dependent Visa is getting too slow at the moment. 2.Living without partner after marriage is also one of the emotional stress on this daily busy life in australia..Would be great if subsequent visa 500 also get some priority.. Is this rules of 6 to 9 month is for 2018 application or not…?

3 years ago

I married 5month ago and my husband is from sydney but they didn’t reply us yet,does anyone know how many month should i wait,it’s too difficult live without my partner,or has anyone idea about what shoul i do,???

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