How To Search Google Like An Expert?

How to search google like an expert | In this article, I am going to write top 10 technique that will help you to search google like a boss and you will find exactly what you are looking for, in a very less amount of time.

First technique: How to search for  an exact phrase or quote?

if we want to identify the exact phrase from a website

then search goes like this in google

"your search term /quote ".for example  search for "technology blogs , web development                     tutorials"

you will get the exactly term highlighted from the website in top list

Second technique: How to exclude a word from search  google like a boss?

if we want to exclude the word from search result , simply use the  (-) to omit words

            eg news nepal -ekantipur 

it will remove all the news from ekantipur to display in search results.

Third technique: How to search phrases/quotes with missing words search google like an expert?

use an *for all missing*

* tell google that there should be word here but don't know what it is.

search for song ** nepali it will returns all the results of nepali songs.

Fourth technique: how to search in a single website like a boss?

One of google most important features is to search in a single website specially for researches

to search in a single website  type  site: url (in url type website address)

example :

It will list all the search results of

Fifth technique:How to search for a similar website?

type related:url  (type the web address here for finding similar content)


It will display all the related website like facebook

Sixth technique:How to find cached version of website?

sometime we come back to the website to re-read the thing that has been deleted from the site

to find deleted just type  cache:url  (type the web address here for finding cached content)



Seventh technique:How to search for a particular file type?

Google will allow us to search for a specific file type

search term filetype:pdf

example search  jquery filetype:pdf

It will search for all jquery tutorial document with the file type .pdf

Eight technique:How to search for a webpage title?

to perform this just simply search for intitle:your search term

example intitle:How To Configure Xampp To Send Mail Through Localhost 2018?

It will display the exact result  as the title.

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