Students Visa Work restriction In Australia:

As for everyone’s knowledge, a Student Visa for Australia permits full-time degree students of postgraduate and undergraduate to work part-time during the academic session. In the summer holidays, they are permitted to work full-time. For such benefit, your course should meet all Immigration requirements. And the right starts when you are formally enrolled in your course.

Working right as per the Australian student visa

· Australian student visas permit full-time degree students i.e undergraduate and postgraduate students to work up to 40 hours every fortnight during the academic year. You can work for unlimited hours in the summer holidays.

· The minimum wage for workers in Australia is $15.96 (currently) before tax.

If you are involved in any unpaid voluntary work, it is excluded in the 40 hours limit. Such voluntary task should fulfil the following criteria:

  • It should be for the benefit to the community
  • Should be done for a non-profit organization
  • Is genuinely voluntary i.e. not any remuneration in cash or kind is received
  • Would not be undertaken against for wages by other Australian residents

Fair Work Ombudsman’s

You can get information about your work rights in the official website of Fair Work Ombudsman’s. This website has all the information you need about working in Australia

If you feel victimized by the exploitation of an organization or employer, don’t hesitate to contact a Fair Work Ombudsman immediately.

Recently, The Fair Work Ombudsman has formed an Overseas Workers’ Team. Anyone from a non-English speaking background can get a free interpreter service from them. 

RSA training requirement

Firstly, if you plan to do the work that involves serving any type of alcohol in Australia, please remember that you need a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate for the job. You can get such training online.

Once you complete your study, you can get a Post-study Work Stream:

Post-study Work Stream

Moreover, international students who recently graduated with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from any Australian institution can apply for Post-study Work Stream. Such a visa allows you to work, live, and study in Australia temporarily. Such visa allows you to:

· work in Australia

· bring your family with you

To apply for the visa, you need a recent degree of any of the CRICOS-registered courses.

Generally, you are permitted to stay 2 and 4 years as per your qualification.


The cost for the Post-study Work Stream visa isAUD1, 650. 

Processing Time

  • For 75% of applications, the visa processing time is 65 days
  • For 90% of applications, the visa processing time is 75 days

You are permitted to work for unlimited hours on this Visa. 

To Sum Up,

Lastly, while many international students do choose to utilize their work entitlement, please remember that there is no sure-sort guarantee for finding any part-time work. There’s definitely no way to know how long it takes anyone to get the job they want. So, it’s important to plan the budget accordingly– don’t just assume that you’ll step off the plane and walk straight into a well-paying part-time job.

You need to have a backup plan!

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