The latest news on the dependent visa of Australia:2019

Australia Visa Applicants be aware!!

If you are going to apply for an Australian visa, make sure you visit their official website each day. Lately, things have been changing rapidly.

Who knows? Anything might change at any moment.

Here is some latest news on the dependent visa of Australia this year 2019.

News 1:

Changes in Visa Fee

This is the 2nd time in a year the Department of Home Affairs has reviewed its Visa Application Charges (VAC). The first update was implemented on 01 January 2019 and the second one on 01 July 2019.

Visa Type Current Fee Fee from 1st July 2019
Student $575 $620
Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 $1,535 $1,650
General Skilled Migration $3,755 $4,045
Partner $7,160 $7,715
Business migration $7,160 $7,715
Parent first installment $340 to $3,855 $365 to $4,155
Significant Investor Visa (SIV) $7,310 $7,880


The Second Visa Application fee for the Contributory Parent visa will remain the same. The fee for a visitor visa will hike to $355 for onshore applications and $145 for offshore applications. 

News 2

Mandatory Courier for Visa Decision Letter

Mandatory Courier for Visa Decision Letter

With immediate implementations, applicants who didn’t provide an email address to visa decision letters electronically should have their visa decision letters to be couriered mandatorily. 

Also, applicants cannot visit the center in order to collect their visa decisions. The courier charges can be collected during the acceptance of their application.

News 3

As a matter of fact, overseas migration accounts for 60% of the population growth in Australia. Nearly 90 percent of skilled manpower resides in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Alan Tudge, Federal Population Minister Mr. Tudge wants to correct this “imbalance” in population distribution by changing the mix of geographical visa conditions. Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews clarifies that it’s not their business of telling anyone where to live. But the new migration policy is supposed to affect the matter for Canberra.

Tudge’s announcement lacks the detail of how the government will change its visa laws to ensure migrants in regional areas. But it indicates that the major change is in our way. 

Who can apply for Dependent Visa?

For dependent spouse or partner

The dependent individual should be your spouse or de facto partner. If it’s the case of your de facto partner, you two must have been living with your partner for 12 months in the least. The relationship with your partner should be genuine and exclusive.

For dependent child

The dependent child should either be your child or a child of your partner. The child should not be married/ engaged or in a de facto relationship

The child should be less than 18 years in age and still be getting continuous education. 

Final Say,

That’s it for now. If there is any further change in the Visa policy, we will certainly write about it. But we suggest that you keep up with the update before making any further policies. 

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Prakriti Ale
Prakriti Ale
3 years ago

Of we go back to our country and got married their so will he can apply for dependent visa. How much is the chances

Shobita Neupane
Shobita Neupane
3 years ago

Yes he can get the visa

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