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Best 5 Secure Password Generator Tools – Must try

Password Security is a major deal in the online presence today’s because we are in the technological world,each and everyone of us has got the smartphones,tablets,laptops and other different gadgets in our hands which stores our private data’s such as pictures,videos and files .Along this,Social networks such as Facebook,Linked In,Twitter,Instagram are being popular day by days where we shares our daily personal life activities.Moreover,online banking,e-mobile banking and never forget the crypto currency mining that is getting popular with every passing days.Due to all these critical reasons password security is mandatory.

So ,Never use less secure passwords to login in any websites because it will help the crackers to breach and theft your login credentials to get access of your hidden files and private informations .In the past,creating strong and secure password can be tedious work to do,however ,Nowadays with the presence of different secure password generator websites,this is the most easier task to do.

Using secure password generator sites help to secure your personal important information from all the breakers and the hackers.We can find enormous number of website that promise to generate the secure password but, mostly they are like spams .They are of nothing and only wastes of precious time .

With few days spending on research and testing the websites functionality, I  collect the best websites for secure password generator which  I have elaborated in this article.

Avast Secure Password Generator

This website is really easier to generate strong and secure passwords as you can select the password lengths and it suggests whether the passwords security level is good or not .We can also check and uncheck the special characters to be use in the passwords.We can use maximum 50 characters . All passwords created with the Avast Password Generator are generated locally, on your computer. They are not saved or shared anywhere else. Not even Avast can see the password you create. Just be sure to close this page once you’ve generated and copied your password to prevent anyone else from seeing it if they use your computer.

Nortan Secure Password Generator

The main advantage that differ this website from avast is that we can generate more than 1 unique password at a time just by choosing the total number of quantity.

Easy steps to follow :

select the criteria for the passwords , and click “Generate Password(s)”. Remember, the more options you choose, the more secure the passwords will be.

Last Password Generator Tool


Last password generator website is designed with three options to customize your password that is password length ,rememberance level and options to select the special characters,uppercase,lowercase,numbers and symbols.Password length varies from 1 to 50 .Password length above is considered as secured. Rememberance level is  categorized into  3 options as  easy to say,easy to read and all characters.With proper using of all these options, we  can generate a good and secure password.

Robo Form Password Generator

This website is also getting popular due to its simple user interface and helps to generate strong ,unique  and secure passwords with the click of a button.You can also find the option to use the minimum number of digits in the passwords.In addition ,What makes this tool unique from others is that you just can exclude similar characters.Password security level determined the feasibility of password guess from the attackers that is below the password.

Random Password Generator

It generates the random and secure password .The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

You can generate the required random passwords which can be the combination of characters,numbers,symbols or any special digits.The  minimum character of password is 6 and the maximum is 24.

Moreover ,you also can use  string generator which allows you to generate secure random text string passwords .

Selecting the required criteria ,you can click on get string which displays the list of passwords according to the selection.


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